Eye protection when working around active machines

If you are a new machinist or if you are one who is more experiences than most, then safety is still an important factor to consider when you begin to work on your latest job. There are several other areas that also need to be taken into consideration when you are working with this type of medium ‘ metal. You need to be injection molding machine factory in a safe environment and by following a few of these procedures, you can ensure you have a safe working area for yourself and your co-workers.1) SafetyMake sure that you are wearing gloves with metal as obviously there will be sharp corners involved when you are working with metal. Many machinist have decided to not bother wearing gloves and have ended up with missing fingers or worse. It is recommended that a new machinist wears gloves even when picking up any type of metal and not just wearing them when on the actual CNC machine.Another massive part of the safety routine when working with metals is to use the correct safety goggles.

Eye protection when working around active machines is paramount. Although CNC machines do have a plastic guard as standard, a lot of bits of metal or other types of debris could still end up in your eyes. If you are using compressed air to try and clean machines then be extra careful as an eye could get damaged from flying chips as there is usually small slivers that are easily capable of entering your eye.2) Starting up your machinesOne thing that new machinists often neglect to think about is making sure that their machines are properly warmed up before they start working on them. I would recommend allowing your machine to warm up for around 10 minutes before you begin working on it. The warm up for a machine can be set to a moderate speed so not to cause any problems before you start applying pressure to them, very much in the same way that you would not apply too much pressure to a cars accelerator before it is warmed up.Slowly starting the machine process in the beginning of your shift is the best way to warm up the machine.

If you decide to use the machine without a warm up, then it may be possible if you just start your first job of on a slow cycle to make sure things are running smoothly.3) Cleaning you machine.It is advisable to be able to clean your machine and also to make sure that the chips and other debris are cleaned away after every cycle. The small chips can get caught up on the various spindles of a machine and cause great problems when they are not removed. You also need to make sure that the chips are removed from the chuck jaws and also the vices.Making sure that the work area directly below the machine is good practice. By this, I am talking about the floor and surface area where you have been working. Sweep, mop and polish any floor near the machine once you have finished your job. You may slip and fall if the area is not completely cleaned after working on metal. Metal chips can become particularly greasy when work with metal, so be sure to use gloves when you are cleaning them.


Electric power tools produce much more constant speed

Generally speaking, power tools are attractive products, well designed with a variety of uses and easy on the pocket. When it comes to making a purchase, how do you decide between buying an electric or cordless version? Either option can be tempting, so you really need to consider how and where the power tool will be used to make your decision and where to spend your money.In today’s market, cordless power tools are the relative newcomers taking on the established electric power tools. Cordless power tools are easier to use and cause less fatigue due to their more compact design and lighter weight. Being battery powered they are portable and the only need to find a power outlet is for recharging. The majority of cordless power tools have a useful period of 2 hours between charges and are available in 12 volt or 24 volt versions.On the other hand, despite the fact that rapid progress in battery technology has increased longevity and capacity, cordless power tools don’t come close to their electric cousins of similar type.

Electric power tools produce much more constant speed and torque, whereas the cordless varieties are restricted by having to keep their batteries light and compact.Since the beginning of last century power tools have transformed the way we work. From that time, there is scarcely a building that hasn’t involved the use of power tools in it’s construction.The cordless power tool designs are relatively simple, and for use only require a convenient supply of electricity.Extremely high speeds are possible with electric power tools, even up to more than 14,000 rpm and also produce high torque figures. As long as a supply of elecrical power is available, electric power tools are always on hand wherever and whenever needed.As long as the supply of electrical power is available, the power of our electric power tools is there for us.

Sometimes though, this supply is not available, it may be too far away, it may not be there at all. Distance can be overcome by the use of extension cables, or generators can also be used. It should be pointed out that if extension cables are used, then extra safety checks should be made to ensure the work area is safe and that all cables are in good condition.It’s good to have power tools available, whether of the cordless power tools or electric variety, but remember, like all tools, cordless power tools also have their drawbacks. Make sure that before buying your next power tool that you take in all the above considerations to make the right choice.Then you can rest assured that your money is well spent, and that your new power tool will stand the test of time.Some great cordless tool brands are :Makita Cordless ToolsDewalt Cordless ToolsMilwaukee Cordless ToolsHitachi Cordless ToolsBosch Cordless ToolsSkill Cordless ToolsStout Cordless ToolsAt powerdrillexperts.com we provide the customer with expert reviews of most of the cordless power tools but also of the electric power tools on the market today for the professional and hobbyist alike.